Lofoten – Svolvaer and Henningsvaer

Coming from the North, Austvågøy was the first island we reached at the Lofoten. We went to explore the landscape and 2 different places: Svolvaer the big fishing town and Henningsvaer the village spread over several islands.

Parking for the Night

After spending the night close to Svolvaer, an administrative and tourist centre, we went into town. We used the big supermarket and shopping complex to stock up on supplies before we headed to the port area.

A hike would lead up the mountain behind the bay, but for us it was not the right weather to tackle such a mountain, so we stayed in town and went for lunch.

Rib boats take tourist into the very narrow Trolljford up the coast, another activity we declined. We might have ignored the low temperature, but a little sunshine would have been nice.

Scandic hotel complex
Old fishing complex
Lovely Norwegian jumpers
Modern seafront hotels
Fish & Chips @ Bacalao restaurant

On the way to Henningsvaer sun and cloud made a great scenery.

Modern buildings will soon replace the old one
Old wooden boats are still in use
Famous football field of Henningsvaer
Fascinating rocks at the football island
Coffee break @ Henningsvaer

We felt lucky that we managed to visit this two great places with more sun than rain. Hoping for more good weather, we will explore Caribbean beaches tomorrow – more on our next post!

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