Lofoten – our first hike

Lofoten are famous for its mountains and there are numerous hikes which give you a great impression of the magnificent landscape. We went first to explore 2 exceptional beaches: Haukland and Uttakleiv.

Parking for the Night

The weather looked slightly better, and we were on the way to Haukland at the island of Vestvågøy.

When we reached the bay some rain and snow was hitting us and a rainbow rose from the sea.

One more km and we can go swimming!

We parked at Haukland beach and waited until the sun came out again. Starting our hike to the right of the tunnel, we walked over the pass to Uttakleiv using an old road which was once the only connection to this village.

Trying my best to widen the gap
A little detour to a snowy peak?

Uttakleiv has a flat grassy area behind a white beach and some farmers still use it to keep sheep. This place was once only to be reached over the mountain pass we just hiked, later a road around the headland was built and nowadays a tunnel connects Uttakleiv with the rest of the world.

Uttakleiv beach has also some of the most beautiful boulders and rock formations, one of them called the Viking Eye.

A heart for Uttakleiv beach
Viking Eye

We finally invested in a new thermos flask – to our excuse, this design was 25% reduced.

From Uttakleiv we took the comfortable route along the coast back to Haukland. The sun was out and Haukland beach appeared like a beautiful place ready to put your towel down and head into the water – if there wouldn’t have been the little problem with the temperature, just a little above zero degrees.

After our hike we went to explore more of Verstvågøy and headed to Eggum, where we spent a fabulous night with billions of stars and some northern lights.

This old stone tower you can see under the Northern Lights housed a radar station of the Germans during the 2nd WW, which was important to watch the route to Murmansk in Russia. This position is also a good spot for radio communication, which Eddy found out – more on our next post!

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