Hike along the Danube

We followed the Danube upstream to a region where the river has formed a magnificent valley over the centuries. Our hike took us up onto the cliff and to one of the many castles which flank the river.

Schloß Werenwag – from the 11th century 

The Danube has dug a deep valley through the rock of the Swabian Jura. In this rift valley of the still narrow river, mighty limestone rocks were uncovered which are in strong contrast to the green forest. We learned that the Danube once had a much larger drainage area and therefore much more power than today.

Our hike started in the tiny village of Hausen im Tal, from where we hiked up the hills and reached numerous lookout points with views into the valley.
Castle of Werenwag on the other side of the Danube
Carthusian pink (Kartäusernelke)
On the way to Burg Wildenstein

These rocks were formed during the Jurassic period on the bottom of a sea that covered large parts of Europe around 200 to 150 million years ago.

Castle of Wildenstein
Medieval camp at Wildenstein
Lunch is being prepared over open fire
Playing games without smartphone!
Entering the outer bailey of Wildenstein
Back along the Danube
Flower of the Day
Aquilegia or Columbine (Akelei)

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