Geiranger Fjord

After driving over the Trollstigen we continued the scenic route to Geiranger Fjord, which awaited us with sun and great views. In the afternoon we reached the area of the Jostedalsbreen – the biggest glacier of Europe.

Parking for the Night next to the ferry
Crossing the fjord to Eidsdal

From Eidsdal it was a comfortable drive up into the mountains and suddenly the road dropped down into the Geiranger Fjord and the scenery got truly spectacular.

Geiranger at the end of the Fjord

From the lookout point we took a walk along a path leading along the Fjord, luckily it was on the sunny side, which we enjoyed very much.

After descending through a couple of hairpin bends into the valley we passed Geiranger and ascended the mountains on the other side, reaching the snow again.


From Loen we decided to drive into the valley of Lake Lovatnet to reach the Kjenndalsbreen glacier, one of the northern branches of the mighty Jostedalsbreen glacier.

I was surprised to find a hen and chicks plant in this region

The road into the valley is narrow but the scenery is magnificent. The lake has the blue water of a glacier lake, as most of the high waterfalls come down from different parts of the Jostedalsbreen.

This little arm of the mighty glacier made us curious to see more, so we decided to hike to another glacier tongue and also visit the glacier museum, to learn a little bit more – check out our next post if you like glaciers!

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