Crossing the Pyrenees

We drove into the Pyrenees in the direction to Andorra and came to a Spanish enclave in France, which consists of the village of Llívia with about 1590 inhabitants and lies at 1223 metres surrounded by mountains up to 2900 metres high.

We used a lovely parking to meet with Cordy’s parents, which were on their way from Spain to Austria.

Family meeting!
Cordy’s mum

After saying goodbye to Cordy’s parents, we went to explore the village and the castle on the hill behind it.

Church of Llívia
Reaching the first remains of the castle

Llívia was the site of a fortified Iberian settlement which commanded the region and was named Julia Lybica by the Romans. It was the ancient capital of Cerdanya in antiquity.

Moat surrounding the keep
Llívia from the castle ruins
Bakery at the Plaza Mayor
Old door with cat hole

We left Llívia and drove through France again to reach Andorra. From the ski station of Grau Roig we wanted to explore the mountains and a couple of lakes in this area. More on our next post!

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