Stop @ Vichy and Sévérac

As we were longing to get to a warmer region, we just crossed France again, stopping at Vichy and Sévérac for a brake. We were travelling mostly on toll free roads, as we are always paying a lot with our size of camper.

Reaching Vichy, welcomed by Austrian and German flags
Grand Établissement Thermal – it formerly housed the thermal baths
Hall des Sources

Vichy is well known as a spa town. There are six different sources of mineral springs which you can easily sample at the Hall des Sources in the centre of town. These mineral waters claim to be a cure for 50 different ailments. 

Presbytère Saint Louis Saint Blaise
Sweet temptations
Restaurants are open only for teddy bears it seems
Église Saint-Blaise et Notre-Dame-des-Malades

The Saint-Blaise church was rebuilt in the 1930s in the Art-Deco Style and was fascinating from inside and outside with its big cross on top of the tower, which we could already see from the other side of the river.

Our next stop was as Sévérac-le-Chateau further South. We spent the night at the free caravan parking close to the historic centre. The next morning we went to explore the castle ruins and the medieval houses, some dating back to the 14th century.

Medieval Sévérac
La maison de Jeanne – a three-story house that dates to the 14th century

The castle of the 13th and 17th centuries was owned by a couple of different families until it was handed over to the municipality in the 1960s.

Great view from a turret
Flower of the Day

On our way further South we came past the Viaduc de Millau – the tallest bridge in the World with a hight of 336 metres. It was finished in 2004, and you pay a high toll if you don’t want to take the old road down to Millau and back up again.

After meeting Cordy’s parents at the border to France, we want to explore Andorra, before we go to Spain. More on our next post!

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