City walk @ Gdańsk

Polands most important seaport and a city with a diversified history radiates its former glory thanks to the reconstruction of a large part of the historic town after the devastating WWII. We were really impressed by this wonderful town.

Welcome to Gdańsk!
After getting caught up in an area of construction work and blocked roads we surprisingly found a parking very close to the centre in an area of old storehouses which are getting reused today accompanied by modern buildings in a similar style.
Entering the city at the Green Gate – once residence of the Polish kings
Dlugi Targ – the long market
Beautiful Town Hall
Old house fronts were rebuilt after WWII
At the beginning of August the St. Dominic’s fair is held in all of Gdańsk
St. Mary’s church
St. Mary’s church is hard to capture without a drone as it is a huge church but surrounded closely by other buildings. It is one of the largest brick churches in the world, with the same volume as the Dome of Ulm where we have been just 2 months ago.
Main altar
Astronomical clock, built int the 15th century, reconstructed after 1945
Ulrica Mariacka – beautiful houses with terraces
The famous Crane Gate at the river Motlawa

This gate was a city gate made of brick and wood with a double crane function. Two towers were connected by a wooden device with a pulley. The loading device consisted of two pairs of large wooden wheels that were moved by the dock workers – they had to run like mice in a wheel. It was used to raise the mast of boats and the loading of goods. It was owned by the city and had its own administrator, the crane master. It is today the largest medieval port crane in Europe.

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