@ the hook of Hel

Before driving into Gdansk we went to explore the hook of Hel which stretches 36 km into the sea forming the bay of Gdansk. The peninsula is partly only 300m wide and has beaches on both sides. A perfect spot on such a sunny day!

Not so long ago a couple of islands stretched into the sea but with time sand accumulated and formed one long hook, which is accessible by one road and a railway line until the end at Hel. The tip of the peninsula is also called the place where Poland starts.

After getting stuck in a traffic jam as everybody was trying to get onto the peninsula and to the beaches we had to drive until the end to find a free parking. The plot was a little peculiar next to some ruins but directly at the sea and close to the centre of Hel.

Ruins in front but sea in the back

Our parking was in the industrial part of the harbour, but after a short walk with some street art we reached the beach of Hel and the touristic area with all the shops and restaurants.
City beach at the bay of Gdansk
Smoked fish
Dinner at Hel
Maritime Museum in the old church of Hel
When you leave the village in the direction of the tip of the headland you are immediately in an area of beautiful beaches and dunes with fantastic white sand and pine forest behind them. We went for a walk in the evening and got a special sunset with love in the air 😉
Enjoying the beach
Love is in the air
Flower of the Day

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