Traveling in times of CORONA

Currently it is beginning of August 2020 and we are on the road again since 10 weeks. After the break dictated by the lockdown due to the Corona pandemic we had travelled from Vienna through Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and Poland.

Our route since the lockdown

We are monitoring the development of travel restrictions in Europe regularly.  At the beginning the borders were all opening up again with many countries very eager to restart their tourist industry which needs foreign travellers. 
With 1st. of July the European Union member states agreed to take the “overall 14-day incidence rate per 100 000 population” which should be under “16” for free travel. 
What does this mean for us now?
We are currently travelling through Poland and would like to enter Lithuania within the next 2 weeks. 
Will we be allowed to go there?
Lets see the official web page of Lithuania (
The page states:
The Ministry of Health has updated the list of countries, whose citizens or persons lawfully residing in them will be allowed entry to Lithuania. Due to the deterioration in the epidemiological situation, arrivals from Poland and Cyprus will be allowed subject to 14-day mandatory isolation as of Monday.

This means for us, as we are coming from Poland, we can NOT enter Lithuania. The current critical number for Poland is “20,9”!! In general the country you are coming from seems to be deciding, not the one on your passport or number plate.

Current infection rate for European countries:

At the moment we will therefore continue our route through Poland and hope that the infection rate will be going down the next weeks. Another option would be to take a ferry to Sweden, they still seem to like people from Poland. Otherwise we are “stuck” here, which would be no real hardship as there is so much more we can do and see in Poland. 

Let’s see how we will be able to continue. A situation we had not imagined possible a year ago.

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