Update with a “Bash Plate”

As we had bumped into a serious rock while performing a deep water passage in Tanzania, and had harmed our front axle, we decided to look for a solution to avoid similar damages in future.


While asking for a solution in Gaborone we were handed over to “LA Sport” in Pretoria, a specialist for “SERIOUS 4WD EQUIPMENT” when it comes to difficult cases.

Lifted SPRINTER @ LA Sport garage
First step: aligning the damaged front axle
Next: checking for possible mounting points for the bash plate
Welding the mounts
Lionel @ work
Drilling the holes of the mounts
Lots of bolts are needed to mount the massive bash plate using the mounts
perfect result: massive “rock slider” for our SPRINTER

And as an extra task, we did the change of the gearbox oil again, which was necessary to see if there are more aluminium chips in the oil. Fortunately NO chips to be found.

Family business: Lionel and his daughter Anél
Project successfully finished

A great thanks to Lionel and his team, they did a perfect job!

2 thoughts on “Update with a “Bash Plate””

  1. gut zu wissen, dass es noch rechtzeitig repariert wurde und nun M&M in guter Verfassung sind. gute und unfallfreie Fahrt

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