Turkey: On the way to the Greek border

Going north to Çanakkale

The weather was awful, so we kept driving as we had decided to go back to Greece and then to Italy. We took the shortest route via Çanakkale and the ferry. What we needed for the border was a PCR test. As we both had Covid in December, we were fiercely hoping that we now would test negative.

We baked some bread – provisions for the long journey
On the way to the “Feribot” @ Çanakkale
Finally on the ferry

At the moment there are still ferry boats crossing the Dardanelles, but soon the new bridge will be open. We already saw the pillars 2 years ago, now it looks close to finished. I read that it should be opened in March, we will see. With a main span of 2,023 m, it will be the longest suspension bridge in the world!

Çanakkale 1915 Bridge

The next day we had a lot of strong wind, -6 degrees Celsius and snow on the way to Kesan. We went to the public hospital for a PCR test, which we picked up the next morning. It was negative!! (negative is the new positive ;-))

Still cold and windy, but with a blue sky the world already looked slightly better. Before the border, we filled everything up: Diesel, gas and Adblue.

We are leaving Turkey
Welcome to Greece
Alexandroupolis – Greece

We were finally back again in the European Union and were shocked by the prices: Diesel costs nearly double of what we had paid in Turkey. The first stop for coffee was also a shock, beside off the price, they also needed our Green pass, something we hadn’t missed during the last 4 month. We are already planning our next escape. But for the moment we are on our way to Italy – more on our next post!

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