Arriving @ Bari / Italy

We had crossed Greece in 2 days and took the ferry from Igoumenitsa to Bari. We needed a rapid test, which we got at the pharmacy next to the port. Together with the green pass, we were able to get our tickets and were waiting patiently with many trucks for the midnight ferry.

Standing in line
A ferry is coming!

When the loading started, we were ordered to wait at the side and when a gap between the trucks had to be filled, we were put into it. This was a parking slot we never would have considered, but we made it.

Squeezed in between the trucks

We had a cabin for the night and the next morning we enjoyed a breakfast already with the Italian coast in view.

The guys, who direct the trucks and cars for loading and unloading really know how to get them where they want them – really well done!

Leaving the Superfast I @ Bari
Everybody was enjoying the good weather in Bari
The Castello Svevo or Swabian Castle, built around 1132 by Norman King Roger II
Basilica of Saint Nicholas

The basilica was built between 1087 and 1197, during the Italo-Norman domination of Apulia to shelter Saint Nicholas’ remains, which were brought here from Myra (Turkey). He is worshiped by Catholics and Orthodox alike. (Post from our visit to Myra)

Saint Nicholas
His shrine at the crypt
Basilica Saint Nicholas
Enjoying the good weather & Italian food
Flower of the Day

We will slow down now, exploring Apulia and other parts of southern Italy. More on our next post!

3 thoughts on “Arriving @ Bari / Italy”

  1. One question: From the outside it looks like you fled from Turkey via Greece to Italy. Because of the weather? Or what were your motives…?

    1. Dear Gunter, we might have stayed longer in Turkey but didn’t want to wait for the weather to change. The South of Italy is already a long time on our bucket list, so we decided to come here instead. Around easter we want to be back to Germany/Austria to get some things done on our car. All the best! Cordy

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