The Zambezi National Park

We wanted to spend some time at the Zambezi NP, just above the Victoria Falls, using one of the campsites there. But when we were told it would be 100 US$ for the night, for a place at the river with no toilet, no water, no infrastructure at all, we declined and did 2 separate days in the park, which was 50 US$ (20 pp and 10 for the car). At Victoria Falls we stayed at the N1 Hotel, which has a campground with pool, shade and Sushi Bar – something we enjoyed a lot.

Cruising along the Zambezi

The first day we drove up along the river and visited the private Sian Simba Camp, which would have been a great option to stay overnight in the park, just that it was booked for the next days.

Hooded Vulture

It was a first, that we came across dead giraffes. We met the park manager, and he told us, that there is a pack of lions which has specialised on giraffes for lack of better targets.


The second time, we visited the southern part of the national park called Chamabondo. We really liked this area, where we drove along a little river, which was dry at the moment, but a couple of solar powered water pumps supply waterholes for the animals.

Grey Go-away-bird
Little Bee-eater
Sable antelope
Elephants approaching the waterhole

We spent some time at the waterholes and in the hides to watch who would come for a drink. We saw Sable antelopes, many Elephants, Zebras and Giraffes and of course many birds.

Our next destination is the Hwange National Park a little further south – more soon!

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