The White City & the car wash

Truck wash – but nobody there

We were on the way to Ostuni, but also looking for a car wash. Did you notice the state of our camper? Dirty is an understatement!!

Starlings circling over the town

The “Old Town” of Ostuni is built on top of a hill and still fortified by the ancient walls. Its commonly referred to as “the White Town” for its typically white-painted houses.

Cathedral of Ostuni

South of Ostuni, we finally found a car wash which looked spacious enough for our camper. In the end, we didn’t really fit under the canopy, as the satellite dish stands out in the middle. But we put first one side in and then the other and managed to wash a thick layer of dirt off.

Now the backside!
Look at that car!

We nearly didn’t recognise it any more! We hadn’t had such a clean car for months!!

After our successful car wash, we went to the coast again, where we took a hike along the coast and spent the night. Sadly this area gets a lot of plastic washed ashore, which covers the beaches with all kind of rubbish in different sizes. Hopefully before summer they will be cleaned.

Next we will go past Brindisi, looking at some sights and afterwards to Lecce – more on our next post!

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