Service stop for LPG, food & water @ Alta

As our main energy source for heating, hot water and cooking is LPG gas we are equipped with a fixed tank of 60 liters. We do not need any gas cylinders or gas bottles which are different in size and connector in most of the countries and therefore difficult to change and refill. Our LPG tank can be filled by using the standard LPG gas connectors at petrol stations like LPG driven cars do.

Morning view near Alta
The northernmost LPG gas station in Norway!

As Finland is one of the few countries in Europe without LPG stations, we filled up our tank in Estonia just before taking the ferry to Helsinki to survive the trip up through all of Finland and to the Nordcap.

Standard DISH connector for LPG at a petrol station
Cordy pushing the most important security button to start LPG filling

The usage of LPG gas is a very easy and efficient energy source for us. We needed about 45 litres of gas for the last 30 days which makes 1 EURO per day or 1,5 litres of gas per day in a harsh northern environment.

44,45 litres of LPG gas for 30 days of travelling
Water supply for free at the petrol station using our flat Gardena hose to connect
We have 300 liters of fresh water capacity which normaly lasts us 4 to 6 days
Routine checking the nuts of the wheels after more than 2000 km of travelling

Another important stop is of course at the supermarket. It is fun to explore the choices different supermarkets in different countries offer. We always try to find something new which we don’t know.

Eddy likes the Cappuccino milk drink!
Cheese with flavour from the tube? We will try it!
And of course some local beer
Difficult deep terrain to reach a very nice spot for the night
4×4 working ….

After a day of shopping, sightseeing and service to the car we left town and found a magnificent spot at the Alta Fjord, 60 meters above sea level with great views. Next to us were the ruins of a WW2 artillery battery. From our window we could watch the fjord and the mountains around us changing constantly with the clouds and the sun.

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