Salvador Dalí

On our way through Cataluña, we wanted to stop at Figueres, to visit the museum of Dalí. It was weekend, and Catalan nationalists used the highway bridges, to get their wish of independence to the people.

Theatre-Museum of Dalí
Fans of Dalí

Salvador Dalí was born in Figueres in 1904, and the cities theatre is the most important exhibition of his extensive art work. He began to work on his Theatre-Museum in 1960. It was his largest single project and a main focus of his energy through to 1974, when it opened. He continued to make additions through the mid-1980s. When he died in 1989, Salvador Dalí was buried in a crypt below the stage.

Front of the Theatre-Museum
Rainy Taxi
Under the white slab, lies the tomb of Dalí
Portrait of Picasso
Galarina” – a portrait of his wife Gala
Galatea of the Spheres” – depicting his wife and muse Gala
Face of Mae West
“Palace of wind”
Fotos by Robert Whitaker
Honeycomb heart – one of his jewel creations
El maestro

We will now make a detour to the coast, before we are on our way to France. More on our next post!

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