More impressions of Eswatini

Eswatini made a very good impression, with good roads and infrastructure. On the way from Hlane NP to Mlilwane NP, we stopped first at a Pick’n Pay supermarket and than at Malandelas Restaurant near Mahlanya, which had a great view and lovely shops around it.

The landscape at Mlilwane NP reminded us a lot of Austria, just if you looked closer at the vegetation and especially the animals, you knew you are in Africa.

There was a nice campsite and we could go on well marked trails, we chose the Hippo trail, without a guide, as there are no dangerous predators in this park. There might be hippos, but we didn’t see one. Instead we came past kudus, zebras, impalas, pumbas (warthogs), and beautiful blesbok. The trail took us through different vegetation and was really worth it.

Kudu boys checking us out
White-fronted Bee-eater

There were no other campers, but the lodge was well booked and we were invited to watch traditional singers and dancers in the evening – more next!

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