Madikwe National Park

Welcome parade

As soon as we had our parcel from DHL in Gaborone in hand, we drove to the border to South Africa, booked a lodge at Madikwe Game Reserve on the go and went there straight away. Madikwe offers no campsites, not even at the outskirts of the park, so we had decided to invest in 2 nights at the River Lodge.

White rhino – well camouflaged in the dry bush

On the way through the reserve to our lodge, we saw already so many animals, that we were thrilled to have made the decision to come here. (Thank you Miranda and Owen for the advice!) Especially the number of rhinos we spotted was incredible, we never had seen so many white rhinos in any other park in Africa.

Red-crested Korhaan
Brown hyena

On our first game drive, we spotted brown hyenas, the rarest and threatened species of hyena in Africa. Once they lived also in Europe, today there are few left in Southern Africa. We were grateful we could watch this little group in front of their den.

Brown hyena

We came across a big group of buffalos with calves, kudus, giraffes, many impalas, warthogs, waterbuck and much more. As it was dry season, food for the animals was scarce, and you could see their ribs standing out. The first rain will soon change that, when everything gets green again.


Thanks to our guide, we spotted beautiful lions, but more about them on our next post.

young male

To be continued …

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