Lake Baringo

From Iten we had crossed the steep Kario Valley and made our way to Lake Baringo, another lake of the Rift Valley and the most northern after Lake Turkana. It is a fresh water lake like Lake Naivasha and features hippos and crocs, beside of many birds.

Our campsite at Lake Baringo

Like all the Rift Valley lakes, also at Lake Baringo the water level has risen extremely since 2016, flooding the village and all the infrastructure around the lake. It was nearly 2 metres higher than it is now, but it still is many metres above the former water level, extending the lake surface by over 100%.

Goliath Heron

At Lake Baringo, the crocs are not huge, as they feed on fish only and are no threat to humans we were told. Nevertheless, we didn’t test it by jumping in in front of this fellow.

Feeding a Hamerkop
Fish Eagle

In the afternoon we did a nature walk, looking for scorpions and climbing the cliff for a better view of the lake.

Fig opuntia
Baby tortoise
Black scorpion
Prickly pear, the fruit of the cacti
Bee hive
Brown scorpion
Walking home

With the boat trip and the hike, we got a good impression of the area of Lake Baringo. We will now make our way over gravel roads to Lake Turkana, the most northern lake of the Rift Valley – more soon!

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