Kazinga Channel

Inside Queen Elizabeth NP, we did a boat trip with the local community, which are mostly fishing at Kazinga channel but also provide boats for tourists, cheaper than the national park. We were looking for birds on this trips, as hippos are not so exciting any more, and for elephants it was too early in the day. They mostly come to the water when it gets hot.

Fishing community allowed inside the national park
Our captain – who spotted everything for us
Fishing – a big business for the locals

A swimming island didn’t only provide a resting place for many birds, but also a big croc was warming up there.

Hamerkoop and a “looser” buffalo, cast out by his group
Hippos are everywhere along the channel
Juvenil Fish Eagle
Fish Eagle with fish
African Jacana in flight
Hadeda Ibis on his nest
Little Nile Monitor
Woodland kingfisher
Yellow-billed stork
Pink-backed Pelican

Especially at Queen Elizabeth NP, we noticed that the park isn’t strongly protected, with villages inside its borders and the waters and salt lakes exploited by the locals. Maybe that’s a necessary compromise, but it also leads to poaching and killing of predators to protect their livestock.

Our time in Uganda is nearly over. We will now make our way to the border post, where hopefully our drone is still waiting for us, as we had to leave it there when entering Uganda. More soon.

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