Queen Elizabeth National Park

In the west of Uganda lies the Queen Elizabeth NP, named after Queen Elizabeth II after her visit to the park. It stretches along Lake Edward and Lake George, which are connected by the Kazinga Channel, a natural waterway.

We had been in this area before, but hadn’t visited the park, instead used the free roads through the park, when we visited Katwe at Lake Edward. As the weather was perfect and the roads were dry, we decided to pay the 125,- Euros for a day in the park.

Defassa waterbuck
Female defessa waterbuck
Mr. Warthog

The recent rain had provided mud ponds, which some hippos, but especially the buffaloes used, to enjoy the cool mud during a hot day.

The muddier the better!
Kazinga Channel from our campsite

As you always pay for 24h, we decided to spend the night at one of the public camp sites. Campsite No 1 lies at the Kazinga Channel, with great views. You are on your own amongst all the wild animals, a fantastic feeling. We saw lions nearby and heard them together with the hippos at the river and many other animals during the night.

Wild camp @ Kazinga Channel

We gathered some fire wood and made a camp fire, to feel saver while sitting outside. The next morning, we decided to go on a tour along the Kazinga Channel. On the way to the bridge, Edi spotted a cat – our first leopard on this trip!!

There it is!

Spotting this beautiful cat, made our day! We felt so lucky to have seen it. A safari car, coming behind us, had just missed it, as the leopard had already disappeared in the bush, probably annoyed by us watching him.

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  1. Torsten, DG7RO

    congrads zum Leo! ein nicht häufiges Motiv! Und dazu noch eine richtig kräftige Mietzekatze!

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