Fisch River Canyon

From Aussenkehr we drove up through a desert like landscape until we reached Ai-Ais, the hot springs in the Fish River Canyon. After a hike through the canyon we could relax in the warm water of the spring. The next day we explored the upper part of the canyon with its breathtaking landscape.

Getting checked in at Ai-Ais
Fish River Canyon @ Ai-Ais
Hiking up the river

There is actually a famous hiking trail through the canyon. After a steep descent into the canyon, which will take up to 2 hours, you then follow the river for 85 km. There is not really a path, you will have to find your way through the canyon and carry everything you need (tent, spleeping bag, food, water,…) on your back. There is no mobile reception and no infrastructure at all, just nature and you and that for 4-5 days. At Ai-Ais we saw many tired but happy hikers reach the end of this amazing tour.

Brave Flower of the Day
Camp @ Ai-Ais
Hot Springs
From Ai-Ais to Hobas
@ Cañon Roadhouse
Checking in @ Cañon Roadhouse
our campsite @ Cañon Roadhouse

From Hobas you enter the National Park and can drive to lookout points high above the river which give you an incredible view. The Fish River Canyon is one of the biggest canyons in the world. It is up to 550 metres deep and 90 km long from the first waterfall into the canyon until Ai-Ais. The top ridges of the canyon are more than 20 km apart.

Here the hikers start their steep descent
With the binoculars we could watch some of the hikers at the river bed
Standing at the edge
Get an impression of this fascinating canyon

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