Around the Netherlands: Lemmer – Giethoorn – Enschede

Lemmer – Giethoorn – Enschede

 153 km


We came to Lemmer to visit the pumping station Woudagemaal, one of the world heritage sites in the Netherlands, which is just opposite the harbour / camping. This morning we walked there and went on a guided tour. 

It was fascinating, how this 100 year old pumping station is still in perfect condition and kept ready to be put into operation any time necessary. 

The 5 steam engines are operated with heavy fuel oil and need 8 hours to get started.


chimney of Woudagemaal
steam engine
oil pitchers
oil deposit
steam engines

After this very interesting tour we left Lemmer and drove further on to Giethoorn, also called the Venice of the Netherlands. Reaching the village, we took one of the parkings from the boat rentals and had  some lunch while we waited for a boat. 

Giethoorn boat rental
52°42’49.0″N 6°04’48.0″E

We made this tour with the electric boats with 100 of other tourists, but it was a very nice relaxing tour of 2 hours where we drove first through the main channel of the village and then returned via a lake. Luckily it was sunny and we really enjoyed this tour.




 Our next destination is now Enschede, where we will stay for 2 nights at the camping de Zwaaikom, directly at the Twente channel.


waiting for the road to be lowered down again


Camping de Zwaiikom
N 52°14’46”,
E 6°49’09”

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