Around the Netherlands: Hoorn – Enkhuizen – Lemmer


Hoorn – Enhuizen – Lemmer via the damm

153 km


In the morning we take the bikes to visit Hoorn. Soon we reach the small town with beautiful houses and a pitoresque harbour. This day they are setting up a fun fair in the small streets of the center, so the view at the houses is a little blocked. We see some old boats and the beatuiful Hoofdtoren building, guarding the entrance to the harbour since 1532.


a unicorn – the symbol of Hoorn


We cycle back along the see to the camping and pack up to leave for Enkhuizen and its open air museum.

It is a short drive and when we reach Enkhuizen, we see already signs for a parking for the museum. 

Zuidersee Museum

52°41’35.8″N 5°16’48.5″E

The parking is 5,- and the entrance per person 16,-, but it is worth it!

From the parking you are taken by boat to the beginning of the open air museum (included in the ticket), where you stroll through original buidings of different purpose, with crafstspeople giving you an insight in historic professions. The second part is an indoor museum showing paintings and old wooden boats from the Zuiderzee.
smoked fish


washing machine

beautiful boat

typical dutch bonnets
After visiting both parts of the museum we stroll through town and than take the ferry back to the parking.
From Enkhuizen we take the longer route to Lemmer going over the 32 km long Afsluitdijk, the damm turning the Zuiderzee into the fresh water lake of the IJsselmeer  since 1932.
We reach Lemmer in the evening and get the last spot at the watersport center Tacozijl:
52.851 , 5.6826
caravan parking directly at the beautiful harbour, best shower we had an the whole trip and walking distance to the Woudagemaal  pumping station


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