Around the Netherlands: Eindhoven – Den Bosch – Zeeland

189 km

We drive north to Den Bosch, or ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where we park at the P&R Transferium Willemspoort Vlijmenseweg.
You could take the bus from there into the center, which comes regularly, but we choose the bikes as it is that easy to cycle around in the Netherlands.
We make a boat tour through the channels of Den Bosch called the Binnendiez. Something you find only at Den Bosch, that the houses are built over the channels.
We get one of our bikes repaired, which is easy in the Netherlands, as there are bike shops everywhere.
We go through the center, over the market place with the town house and stalls with cheese and fish and fruits. We visit St. John’s Cathedral, which is really beautiful.
St. John’s Cathedral
We sample a typical sweet dish called the Bosche Bollen, cream inside and chocolate on the outside.
Bosche Bollen
Den Bosch or s-Hertogenbosch is a really beautiful city with a busy old center full of channels and streets with nice restaurants and shops. 
Back at the caravan the parking has filled up and we leave to drive west to the region called Zeeland.
We reach the Camper Park Zeeland, near Kamperland – thats really the name of the town – where we want to stay a couple of nights.
The camper park is the best organized and comfortable place we encountered on our whole trip.
You select your parking position at the entrance at the terminal, and add all you need like power, before you drive in. It is very green with a lot of trees around and just in front is the watersport center of the Veere Meer.

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