Around the Netherlands: from Maastricht via Belgium to Eindhoven


On the 27th, we left Maastricht and took just one turn to be in Belgium.
We visited friends there, before we drove back into the Netherlands to Eindhoven,
where we stopped at the P&R Meerhoven for the night.
Its only 3,- for the night at a big parking with a bus stop in front to go into the city. 
There is also a McDonalds opposite the street.
The next day the weather wasd not very good so we decided to drive with the caravan into the center and were very lucky to find a parking close to the train station and the city center.
We visited the Philips Museum, as it was the towns most important company for centuries.
At lunchtime we stopped at an Italian restaurant, before we shopped a little bit around and found a hair dresser.
Happy Italy Eindhoven, Catharinaplein 25
We worked in the caravan before we went out again, to meet some friends for dinner at the Trafalgar Pub, which serves nice veggie burgers.
For the night we drove back to the P&R Meerhoven where we spent another calm and pleasant night.

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