Washing day @ Passau

When the bags with dirty washing are pilling high, it is time to find a launderette. This time we stopped in Passau/Germany to do our washing.

The challenge is to find one which is accessible with the camper and has a parking for us close by. In Spain, we often found washing machines at gas stations, which are perfect. In Central Europe, they are normally somewhere in a city, which makes it a little bit more difficult. But we were lucky with this nice “Waschtreff” in Passau, where we found a semi legal parking around the corner;-)
Now Santa Cordy has to haul her big bag of smelly clothes into the launderette and start filling the machines.
Luckily, there were enough empty machines
Every place has different machines, but normally the instructions are very clear, and it is easy to figure out how to get them started. There was even a machine to change bank notes into coins, as you need a lot of them.

The name “Waschtreff” implies that you meet other people there, which was true, as we came to talk to this lovely guy who was practising a dance while waiting for his washing.

Three machines of washing had to go into 2 dryers and meanwhile we were working, reading, playing and chatting on the phone.

The most work is always to fold everything up and store it away again. But generally we get everything done in 2 hours, thanks to washing everything in one go. So this was an insight in our caravan live, as requested by some friends 🙂

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