Lakeside Tortillas

We love our new BBQ and are trying different things at our outdoor kitchen whenever we can. This beautiful spot at a Slovakian lake was perfect for a new challenge – Tortillas!

Hiding behind the trees from view, we had the place to ourselves. Our table was set under a big tree directly at the lake, where a swan and some ducks made their rounds. The little outdoor kitchen was also quickly set up, and I could start to cook!

First I prepared the filling with some onions, jackfruit and red beans, spiced with Gyros flavour.

Then the tortillas were heated at the griddle and served together with sliced peppers, onions, squashed avocado, tomatoes and of course a can of Radler.

Digging in at our private lake
From our spot we could watch the sunset while a bird above us made funny noises, maybe it was a stork? Some frogs croaked, but the feared attack by midges didn’t happen so that we really could enjoy our outdoor living.

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