Exploring Slovakia

From our camping near Bratislava we travelled north to visit a castle and in the late afternoon we found a hidden spot at a lake to stay for the night.

The camping at the outskirts of Bratislava in Zlate Piesky was great at this very hot weekend. We really enjoyed the lake to cool off and to watch the wake borders. The camping ground had large trees which gave perfect shade, and again we enjoyed our outdoor kitchen.
Hiding under the big trees

Červený Kameň Castle, in German Biberburg and earlier Rotenstein, is a 13th-century castle which was part of the chain of the Kingdom of Hungary’s frontier defence castles. It was completely rebuilt as a fortress in the first half of the 16th century by the Fugger family with the intension to store ore from Slovakia before trading it to other places. When the Pálffy family acquired the castle in 1588, the fortress was completed, and it became a representative noble castle.

Old Pharmacy
Big cellars built to store ore
After visiting the castle, we were looking for a nice place to relax and spend the night, which we found at a little lake just some kilometres further north. (48.482531, 17.474759)
Slovakian Radler & Mexican tortillas @ lake side
Very nice sunset colours reflecting in the water

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