Winch recovery training

As we have equipped our camper with a winch, we need to practice the usage to get some experience for the case of recovery situations.
Main switch for the winch

Start the engine to provide enough electrical power for the winch
Use of leather gloves strongly recommended

All tools on one place
Winch remote control on defined place in the camper

Receiver unit for the remote control

Connect the receiver unit at the external connector 

Do not forget to remove after winching!

Switch on the winch with the remote unit

Find a anchor point – tree – to connect the tree trunk protector

put the tree trunk protector around the base of the tree

Ready to connect the snatch block
The WARN winch integrated in the front bumper of the camper
Pull out the rope of the winch 

Snatch block to double the pulling power
Massive shackle to connect snatch block to the tree belt

Open the snatch block and connect the rope

Connect tree belt with snatch block using the shackle

Second anchor at the camper using the standard tow hitch

Connect the end of the rope with the integrated soft shackle to the anchor point

Now we start pulling, the remote unit allows operation from driver seat or outside.
Now rope is under power, for safety reasons we covered the rope with a small carpet

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