Via Verde de la Sierra Norte de Sevilla

In the mountains north of Sevilla, we cycled the route of a former mine railway. The iron ore won in the open pit at San Nicolás del Puerto was transported from 1895 onwards into the valley and to an already existing railway line. Today it is a cycling route through a very green and beautiful nature reserve.

happy to cycle again

After leaving Itálica, we drove about 80 km north into the Sierra Norte de Sevilla which is covered with oak trees and pastures.  Here lives the famous pata negra pig happily munching on the acorns (until it is killed and turned into the famous jamon).

oak trees as far as you can see
Pata Negra pig living on vast pastures
remains of the mining period
 Casas de los Ingleses
Church for the British mining settlement
Iron ore
oak tree freshly cut
racing down hill with a pinched tire
back at the parking of the Via Verde

In the afternoon, we drove east to the province of Huelva and to Aracena. The navigation lead us on a minor road of 40 km which was fantastic. We cruised on a narrow and curvy road through the hills of the Sierra Morena. All we saw for 3 hours was rolling hills covered in oak trees and pastures for pigs, goats, sheep or cattle. We passed a dam but no village and the number of cars was close to zero.

beautiful dam surrounded by endless hills
crossing the dam with our little camper
Embalse del Pintado on the border to Extremadura
The only wolf we saw in Sierra Morena 
Flower of the day

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