Urho Kekkonen National Park

At this National Park named after Urho Kekkonen, the late President and Prime Minister of Finland, we had reached a landscape typical for Lapland: bare hills called fell which we went to explore.

On the road with many other caravans
Typical Finish house
Kilopää – our first fell we “climbed”

On the Kilopää fell a species of birch which grows only on the Kilopää and Saaroselkä fells. It has a twisted and relatively thick trunk and its leaves are slightly smaller than those of the mountain birch. Because it grows so close to the ground, it can survive a little higher up in the fell region than the shrub-like mountain birch. Even the kilopää birch cannot thrive at the very top of the fell, which is bare and treeless.

At the “summit”
Yellow Kilopää birch and red blueberries
Crossing the swamps

Parking at Lake Inari, where we spent the entire next day moving our blog from google to our own server. And we succeeded!!

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