Two monasteries on one day

We were now in an area of Portugal where 3 important monasteries are located close to each other – in Alcobaça, Batalha and Tomar. We bought a combi ticket for all three of them and visited the first two on one day!

Alcobaça Monastery

The monstery was founded in 1153 as a gift from the first Portuguese king Afonso Henriques to Bernard of Clairvaux and was one of the most important medieval monasteries in Portugal, associated with the Cistercian Order.  The Church and adjacent monastery are the earliest examples of truly Gothic architecture in Portugal.

Renovations are going on
Cleaning is going on …

There is also a love story associated with this monastery:
King Pedro I was very much in love with Inês de Castro, but Inês was assassinated
under the orders of Pedro’s father. After becoming King, Pedro ordered
the remains of her to be transferred to her tomb in Alcobaça and,
according to a popular legend, made her be crowned as Queen of Portugal
and ordered court members to pay her homage by kissing her decomposing
hand. Until today their beautiful tombs are in the transept of the church.

Room of the Kings
Cloister of Silence
Impressive kitchen with a fish basin to the left
Fireplace and the enormous chimney supported by eight iron columns
Claustro da Levado still under reformation
Claustro de Silencio
Pulpit of the reader at the refectory
We had found a parking in front of the church

We enjoyed a cup of coffee in one of the cafés just opposite and admired the beautiful facade of the church a little bit longer before we left for the next monastery in Batalha.

Batalha means battle as the monastery was donated by King João I after the Portuguese won against the numerically superior Castilian army in 1385. It was built by the king but handed over to the Dominican Order to run it.

Cloister of Batalha
Tomb of Henry the Navigator
beautiful Manueline style
Unfinished chapels
The roof was never built
King Edward of Portugal and Queen Eleanor of Aragon
Flower of the day

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