Peniche & Óbidos

Hiking around the peninsula of Peniche, we encountered a fascinating coast. Afterwards we still had the energy to visit the lovely historic town of Óbidos.

Cabo Carvoeiro

We had parked in the south of the peninsula (39.354904, -9.38826) and started our hike from there, clockwise around the island. The coast is dominated by cliffs where waves were crashing against them with force and water was splashing up high.  We walked as close to the cliffs as possible to get a good view of this spectacle.

Interesting rock formations along the coast
Carpets of flowers covered the rocks
On the way back, a little house in Peniche old town
After 2,5 hours we had finished the circle and had found the way back to our camper again. After a shower and lunch we still had the energy to explore another site. From Peniche we drove to Óbidos, where we found a lovely spot next to the aqueduct for the night. It was already late in the afternoon so most of the tourists had left. We strolled through the little town and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Castel of Óbidos
One of many book shops – Óbidos is famous for its love of literature
Edi at the pillory – what did he do wrong?
still some tourists left – like us 😉
Views over Óbidos
Parking for the night
Flower of the day

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