Turbo up and running again ….

oiling turbo

As we drastically had lost power and torque over the last two month, we checked the turbo and the air filter system frequently. We found two urgent problems: first a broken intake gasket and second critical development of damage and oiling to the impeller. We decided to replace the turbo to avoid further critical damage.

critical damage of the impeller

As we know from Mathias (Trac&Mog) the turbo of heavy Sprinter 519 tends to die when the milage is over 150 thousand Km, in our case it is 182 thousand, so no real surprise!

broken intake gasket
Shipment of the spare parts ahead of schedule

As we could not get the spare turbo in South Africa, we needed to import all necessary spares from Europe, thanks to the massive support of Mathias of Trac & Mog in Austria. This time the shipment using DHL Express was very accurate and the spares arrived ahead of schedule in Pretoria.
Again Lionel from LAS provided us immediate and perfect support in changing the turbo. It was about two days of concentrated work, the hardest part was to dismantle the old turbo from the engine.

The turbo, the beast is out of the engine …
the new turbo is placed into the engine again
lots of tools needed
oil filter shows metallic chips, maybe parts of the impeller
Lionel & Edi filling new oil
old intake pipe, Turbo, gaskets and diesel filter

Now we are on the road again, the engine feels very good. Power and torque is perfect and the engine runs smooth. On Monday we will do a final check and some other minor adoptions on the camper, then we are off in direction of Mozambique!

4 thoughts on “Turbo up and running again ….”

  1. Gut zu hören, dass es M&M – man and machine – wieder gut geht. Pannenfreie weiterfahrt nach C8. Bis bald !

    1. Danke, aber wir kämpfen noch mit einer neuen Fehlermeldung der Motorsteuerung …..
      and the Callsign for Mozambique is C91SEU !!!!

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