The bay of Kotor

The bay of Kotor is an UNESCO World Heritage Site in Montenegro for its well preserved medieval towns around the bay and the natural environment with its high mountains. We wanted to explore this area by bike.

We had started from Kotor where we got the bikes out and explored the old town before we continued to cycle along the coast.

Castle walls at Kotor leading steep up the hill

Well protected city of Kotor
Main city gate to enter the old town

Attracting tourists even in winter

Struggling against the wind

Around the bay there are many historic stone buildings some very big, some smaller, most of them are well preserved, often still used as private homes as it seemed. Only few were in ruins, waiting for somebody with a lot of money and love to restore them.

Windy area

When we had reached the next corner of the huge bay we decided to turn around, the wind was now in our back and we were flying back to Kotor. After we had loaded the bikes we took the road which leads around the bay with the caravan. There would be a ferry shortening the route north but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the drive around. Not far from the bay of Kotor we already entered the next country: Croatia!

Border Montenegro – Croatia

Looking for a spot at the coast to spend the night

But the “road” got a bit rough and narrow
A fallen tree was blocking our way in midair
Finally we could use our saw!
Parking for the Night

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