The most southern town of Croatia and the most famous one in the whole Balkan is Dubrovnik. Everybody wants to visit Dubrovnik but luckily at this time of the year there were no cruise ships dropping hundreds of tourists at the harbour.

Our first challenge was to find a parking. We thought we were lucky finding a parking along the through road, when a local told us we were not allowed to park here. Afterwards we think we wouldn’t have had a problem, but we left anyway and parked far outside of town after the new bridge crossing the river in the north of Dubrovnik. From there it was nearly an hour walk to the centre.

Finally we reached the Pile Gate
Marble main road through the town

Onofrio fountain
Sponza Palace near the harbour gate
Courtyard of the Sponza Palace

Room to commemorate the fallen Croatians of the region during the Yugoslav War

Dubrovnik got even more famous since the series Game of Thrones was filmed here. Luckily at this time of the year there were not too many tourists visiting the town. When we went to the city wall which still surrounds the city completely, we were quite shocked about the entrance fee which was 27 Euros per person. During the last month in Turkey and Albania we had gotten used to a much lower price level.

Great views from the city wall

Rescue team setting up for a training
They were quite confident that their construction works

Dubrovnik had suffered severely during the Yugoslav War, but managed to restore the city completely. Maybe that was where the money went we had paid for our walk along the city wall. I read that the damage due to the siege of Dubrovnik where 56 percent of buildings were damaged or even burned down amounted to 245 million euros.

Leaving Dubrovnik

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