Reaching Montenegro

From Shkodër it was not far to the border of Montenegro. We were looking forward to get there especially as we were going to visit a friend!

From Velipojë, where we had spent the night parking directly at the beach, we had to drive back to Shkodër and west to reach the border to Montenegro. Again we saw a couple of these bunkers so typical for Albania.

Hard to get rid of a bunker that big in your garden

Only 1202 km and we would be home, for sure it will take more than that 😉
Border Albania – Montenegro

We wondered about this sign, but found out that Muriqan is just the settlement at the border
Traditional women wear white scarfs in the Balkan region
Soon we arrived in Utjeha Busat where the mother of my best friend has her house. We were invited to a delicious lunch and went on a walk to the beach together, before we left again, packed with homemade fig jam and all kinds of citrus fruits from the garden. It was lovely to meet her and chat a little.

Sveti Stefan

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