Riga – Motormuzejs

From the numerous interesting museums Riga offers, we decided on – somebody surprised? – the Motor Museum!

The modern museum is very well designed, with a lot of animation and videos to give technical explanations or an impression of the role cars played in history. We were truly impressed.
How everything started, from the invention of the wheel to the modern engine.
From 1936 to 1949 limousines and trucks were produced in Latvia under the license of Ford.
ZIS 115 of 1949
While preaching moderation among ordinary citizens, the leaders of the Soviet state and the Communist Party did not try to follow the same rules – their cars were always expensive and unique. Luxury cars were willingly received as gifts from other country state officials. Thus Leonid Brezhnev, the state leader during the period of stagnation, legally acquired a collection of exclusive cars.

ZIS 101 of 1939
Now you have to decide: whom would you elect for president? Who looks better in this ZIS 110B limousine??
Mr. President
Mrs. President
1966 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, with which Mr. Brezhnev got into a car accident.
ESTONIA 15, 350 ccm, 32HP, 1975

ESTONIA 9, 992ccm, 85HP, 1966
Lathe driven by a foot pedal!!
Coffee break!

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