Red Bull Air Race

Our son had a friend from Belgium coming over for the Red Bull Air Race in Austria, Wiener Neustadt. We decided to join them and in the end we were a party of 8 going there on Saturday.

We arrived with the caravan and were led to a special area on the parking, where we stayed the night as well. Already from the parking we could see the pylons, which formed air gates.

OE3FTA in action
Friends @ Red Bull Air Race

From the spectator area, we watched the aircrafts at the slalom course with commentary and details shown on huge video walls.

Each pilot flew individually through the about 6 km long racetrack with the aim of finishing in the fastest possible time without errors. High speed, low altitude and extreme manoeuvres makes this a sport only for exceptional pilots.

In between training and qualifying we saw different programs, not only with planes but also bikes and motorbikes.

Fantastic side events
A different kind of air race
Young enthusiast
Marin Rantes
Senad Grosic

The spectator area had many interesting food stalls and other stalls including flight schools and some planes.

Pizza on the road …

When we had returned to our caravan, we enjoyed the sunset and watched the last contests go on at the air field.

The first day ended with a flight show of different planes doing loops in front of us and even a helicopter showed spectacular tricks while we enjoyed a glass of wine with our family around the caravan – what a great day!!

Glass of wine @ Red Bull Air Race
Sunset @ Red Bull Air Race

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