Mount Ötscher Hard Enduro

Sunrise Mount Ötscher paddock

Before we could go to the Ötscher for the Enduro competition, we had
to be in Hartberg  (Styria) for some business. We stayed at the camp
ground in Hartberg, from where it was a short walk into the center.
Hartberg was founded in the 12th century, but there are remains of an earlier
roman settlement. Although a fire destroyed most of the town in 1715,
Hartberg has a beautiful center with many historic buildings.

The Karner or ossuary was built in 1167. During a restoration at the end of the 19th century, original frescos had been restored but also details added. These frescos are very special and deeply discussed by experts.

From Hartberg we drove north to reach Lunz am See, where we stayed at Racing Bachner, which provides us for many years with all kind of motorbikes. The next day, our son arrived and we loaded our bikes to go to the Enduro race at the Ötscher nearby.

Ötscher – a perfect place for cows and motor bike racing

We were a really weird procession: 2 Dodge Ram Pickups, one with the bikes on the bed, the other one with the bikes on a trailer and our “little” caravan driving up a steep and small road to reach the highest farm of Lower Austria at the mighty Ötscher – a mountain with a special vibe and many sagas around it.

Driving up the Ötscher
Paddock in front of the Ötscher
Perfect spot for the caravan

The paddock was at a big meadow, surrounded by mountains, but the competition took place in the woods and consisted of an easier circuit with more difficult sections, which you could take or leave out.

10 years old enthusiast fighting hard in the difficult part of the track
Even adult participants are challenged
Speeding at a very narrow path in the woods
Family posing for a picture

Saturday was training day and while three of our family gave their best, Edi took his Trial bike and tried to capture their glory moments.

Much more comfortable on a Trial bike

In the late afternoon there was an Enduro-cross with different obstacles, which we could watch from the caravan before a party started, which seemed to have lasted the whole night. We eventually went to bed.

Ready for the next round!
Bike talks 😉

The next day, the competition started and even as our family members didn’t get very far due to a problem with the bike, we were happy to watch 18 years old Sebastian Enöckl win in his class – Congratulations!!

We stayed until the end on Sunday and enjoyed the atmosphere and great weather.

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