Musik Fest

Through the internet we found out about a Musik Fest so we drove to Hollabrunn, north east of Vienna and a little further, until we reached the villages of Grabern.

In 5 different villages one or more little stages were set up and bands of many different music genres played for one hour, half an hour later the next band started.

Chapel @ Obersteinabrunn, Austria
Jazz with Max Plattner Trio

We arrived on Sunday and started in Obersteinabrunn, where the Max Plattner Trio played Jazz and afterwards we watched Chris Beer live looping Reggae and Pop. Afterwards we swapped stage to a Lama farm in Obergrabern where we watched Oakheart doing Country Rock.

Country style break, mmmmm ….
Oakheart @ Musikfest Grabern, Austria

And finally, we stopped at the tractor museum in Windpassing where the stage was directly in the museum and for the event 2 steam tractors where set outside with their engines running. I was immediately in love with these puffing red engines!

13 years to rebuild 1910 Heinrich LANZ steam Tractor @ Museum Windpassing, Austria

While we listened to the music, we wandered through the museum which is worth visiting if you are interested in old engines.

Stage @ Tractor Museum
late 1930s HANOMAG Embleme
1960 Steyr 380 Truck
Sunset on the way to Hubertus Chapel, Hadres Austria

For the night, we decided to go to Hadres, a village close to the Czech border and famous for its long cellar alley, where the wine cellars were built under ground.

Hadres, cellar alley

On top of the hill, we reached the Hubertus Chapel where we spent an exceptional calm night.

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