Rainy day on the road to Neméa

There isn’t only sunshine in Greece. Nevertheless we had a great trip from the northern coast through the mountains to Neméa, where an interesting archaeological site has a well-preserved stadium.

We had spent a night at a Camper Stop (38.223791, 22.146995) where we had our washing done by the owners and a special vegetarian dinner prepared too. A really nice place with a beautiful beach.

At the beach of our Camping Stop

In the afternoon we left with direction to Neméa and finally Mykene, driving up into the mountains until we reached an altitude of 1000m. The scenery was great, but the grey clouds got darker and darker, and finally we decided we had to stop for the night. Thanks to Park4night we soon found a lovely spot.

Driving up into the mountains
Typical roadside chapel
Parking for the night near a river (37.987499,22.362301)
Another roadside chapel
Wine area of Neméa
Kaki trees
Private chapel in a village
As always narrow streets through the villages
Village restaurant
Coffee being prepared for us
A treat to go with coffee and mountain tea
It is cold!
Locals wondering about the tourists with their big car

Finally, we reached Archéa Neméa, where the archaeological site had a museum, remains of a Temple of Zeus and the stadium with the passage for the participants still completely intact.

Temple of Zeus in Neméa
We were fascinated by the strong foundation of the Temple
Some of the columns had been standing since Antiquity 

At the stadium, the remains of the rooms where the athletes prepared themselves by greasing their body with olive oil had been excavated. You still could see the columns of the inner courtyard. From there a long tunnel led to the stadium through which we went.

“Athlete” entering the stadium
“Athlete” at the start

At the museum a video explained the starting device which had a similar technology to a catapult. It helped us to understand the stones at the stadium. You had to put your toes into the two lines at the start, and as soon as the ropes in front of you were lowered, off you went. Actually, they did all their disciplines naked. Sadly, at this time no women were allowed at the games. I would have liked to watch 😉

Flower of the Day
Parking for the night in the mountains

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