Olympos in Turkey

We reached Olympos more on accident than intentionally, but when our navigation took us there, implying that this is the road to Çirali and sending us through a ford, we bought the tickets and went on a walk through the jungle.

Crossing the river to get to Olympos

Olympus was a city in ancient Lycia, situated in a river valley near the coast and founded in the Hellenistic period or even earlier. The city has its name from nearby Mount Olympus (Turkish: Tahtalı Dağı, Timber Mountain), one of over twenty mountains with the name Olympus in the Classical world.

Remains of Olympus at the river mouth
Walking in an old water channel?

The site fascinates not only for the artefacts that can still be found, but specially for its scenic landscapes with wild grapevines, oleander, bay trees, figs and pines growing over the ancient stones.

Sarcophagus in the middle of the forest
Old town in the grip of nature
Main road with 2 and 3 storey buildings
Little bridge – built by archeology students?
Flower of the Day

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