At Nairobi, there is one famous place for overlanders, called Jungle Junction, where the German owner Chris will help you with every need an overlander could have. We met fellow travellers, which were pondering which route to travel, dealing with the difficulties of entering Ethiopia and the war in Sudan.

Farmhouse of Karen Blixen

The weather was not the best, so we took every day an Uber to at least visit a museum. The first trip of course was to pick up our Carnet de Passage, the document for the car we need to travel in Africa. Issued for another year by the ADAC in Germany, it had been sent by DHL to Nairobi and was waiting there for us.

Our first visit was to the house of Karen Blixen, which is nowadays in the big city of Nairobi, in a part called Karen after the famous author and coffee farmer. We got a guide, who told us all the stories about Karen, Bror and Denys, mostly covered by the movie Out of Africa after Karen’s most famous book.

Coffee dryer at the Blixen coffee farm
National Museum Nairobi

Our next visit was to the National Museum, which was a bit dusty but interesting and well visited by school classes.

Art exhibition as part of the National Museum
Railway Museum

The last museum was that of the Kenyan Railway, more than just a little bit dusty, but with many memorabilia of the old times when the British built a railway from Mombasa, past Nairobi until Uganda.

East Africa Railways
Graffiti waggon

After a couple of days in Nairobi, where we also explored some shopping centres and went to nice restaurants, we had the urge to leave the city and get on with exploring Kenya. We still have 2 visits to the authorities pending, like extending our visa and getting the new Carnet stamped, but we decided to do them in another town.

First we wanted to see more of Kenya, but in which direction should we start? Where would we have the best weather, as we were in the middle of the rainy season?

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