Learning about Sami culture

In Inari, the Siida Museum on the Sámi culture and the environment of Northern Lapland gave a little insight with a lot of information and an open air part, where we could have a look at typical houses and other buildings. Afterwards we were on our way to the border to Norway.

Colourful Sámi costumes

A temporary exhibition of three photographers showed portraits of people living around Lake Inari. There were young and old, some wearing traditional costumes, but all of them told the story of the life in this harsh region.

Typical Sámi house
This house was in use until 1950, furnished originally

Instead of going straight to the North Cape, we decided to head to the East of Norway and to a very special point on the map, but more in one of our next posts. If you think the lake area of Finland ends somewhere you are mistaken. Again we were passing uncountable smaller and bigger lakes as we were heading in direction of Kirkenes in Norway – the last town before the border to Russia.

This building captured Edi’s interest – more on the next post 😉
Last stop in Finland – 2 petrol stations and 2 supermarkets
The supermarket has really everything you need
A horde of sparrows living from what people drop
Reaching the border
First glimpse of Norway – not very different …
… but definitely more mountains
Parking for the Night

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