Have you heard of Matala?

If you are into the Greek myths, you might have heard that Zeus seduced princess Europa in the form of a white bull, crossed the sea and brought her to the beach of Matala. There he changed into an eagle and flew her to Gortys where they had a son, which was king Minos.

Or you might have heard about Matala as the Hippie hub of the 60s!

Caves from the Neolithic Age in the northern cliff of the bay

Hippie monument at Matala

In the 1960s, hippies from all over the world, including many young US citizens who refused to participate in the Vietnam War, settled in the Neolithic caves and founded a large community. Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan came to Matala. And nowadays, every summer, a music festival takes place at the beach.

Beach bar waiting for the new season

In December nearly every restaurant or bar is closed, but from here you can hike in both directions of Matala and will find a fascinating landscape. In the north lies the beach of Kommós, in the south the Red Beach, which is only accessible on foot from Matala.

Behind the camping, we walked up to the cliff
Bizarre sandstone
Matala in the back
Windy area
Everywhere, sea squill was growing again from its large bulbs
Beach of Kommós
Sandstone cliffs full of treasures
Big shells were everywhere!
Fascinating sandstone cliff
Easy to walk along this coast
Only some gaps in the even surface
Matala from above
Many beach bars for the summer
Cliff with caves during sunset
Sunset at the bay of Matala
Happy that we found one open restaurant!
Fried courgettes and aubergines
Cretan cheese with a crust
I think it is 27,- ???

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