On the road in Crete

Driving through Crete with our caravan is not as difficult as we suspected. The roads are in general very good, but also here the good road often ends suddenly and your are stuck in a tiny village with this dangerous balconies we have already made contact with at the Peloponnese. (See here)

Between Mirtos and Kastrí at the South coast the road had suffered severely through landslides. It looked like they had used a snowplough to make the road passable again. From how stable the slopes looked on both sides we were surprised the road was still there.

Better pass quickly before they decide to roll down
Along the south coast some areas are used for growing vegetables all year
Main street leading through the plantations

They grow lovely bananas at Crete!

At the coast the sea is always a threat to the roads
A prayer might help
Danger to fall into the water?
But no water there
A town sign always alerts us to watch out

Suddenly a 2 lane road shrivels into a small passage between the houses

Oncoming traffic in the village makes it even more fun

In the countryside better watch out for sheep and goats

Or a gang of cats is blocking the road
Driver on full alert
In the mountain we often need both lanes to takle the hairpins

But the beautiful landscape is a great reward for difficult roads
And then you reach a magnificent spot and all is forgotten

Winter in Crete – not so bad!

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