Around Cape Kako Mouri

From our next stop at the village of Plakiás with a beautiful sandy beach we took a hike around a headland which had some nice surprises for us.

View back to Plakiás

We had parked near the restaurants of the village the night before. Sadly most of them were closed but we found a lovely Kafenio where we had baklava with our coffee and mountain tea while the sun was setting over the bay.

The next day we walked along the empty beach and followed a path in direction of the Kalypso Resort.

Once well marked route through pastures for sheep and goats 😉
Great path around the headland
Stairs built into the cliff to get over the rock
Up we go!
View back: Kalypso Resort in winter sleep  
On the other side of the headland we reached Damnoni beach which is surrounded by a big resort, the taverns there were of course closed. Our route led us back through olive plantations to the beach of Plakiás.
Flower of the Day

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