Changing location

When we left the lovely Fokianos beach, we took the new, wide road south, fully aware that it will end in a narrow village (as most good roads in Greece). We then cruised through the mountains until we reached the spectacular peninsula of Monemvasia. The weather was rainy, cold and windy but we could use some dry spells to go shopping, walk to the old town and explore the surroundings a little bit.


Tamarisk in bloom at the beach
Luxurious road south

This long road was just recently cut into the mountains and the project was supported by the EU. It only connects the lonesome bay of Fokianos with the little village of Kiparissi and is about 20 km long. We didn’t understand the logic behind this road, but we enjoyed it anyway.

Kiparissi – fortunately with no oncoming traffic
Giant fennel in bloom
In the old part of Monemvasia

We even met some travellers from our hometown in Austria: We had read their first book before we even had our own camper. It for sure was very inspirational to us. Now we had the chance to talk to them and buy their second book about their journey to India.

August and his crew: Sabine and Peter from Neulengbach/Austria

Not far from Monemvasia I had spotted a monastery or church glued to the rocks, which I went to explore. It seems falling rocks had destroyed the path leading to this little church, but the door was new, the ladder in good condition and the inside decorated with icons and a carpet. What a strange place!

View from the church

If you want a pre Corona impression of Monemvasia, check out our post from 2019: @ Monemvasia.

From Monemvasia we changed to the other side of the finger, where we found a castle above Neapoli, which we went to explore. We decided to wait for the next day when hopefully the weather would improve and spent the night below the castle.

Castle of Agia Paraskevi

After a short visit to this castle we want to go to the island of Elafonisos, just in front of the coast. Will they let us? Find out on our next post!

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